self catching head gate goes on a portable corral. Only used a couple time same as new
6 longhorn roping calves. Never been roped. Nice set of calves785-545-6213


2 gilts around 200 lbs each maybe a little less 1 gilt around 300 lbs
For sale a nice 3 point Bale mover. $150
Set up for fertilizer. Pump, pluming and hoses. hook on an go. 2 coats of epoxy new last fall. Good tires., 225/75R22.5 Rear Tires, Air, Duals, 20000 lbs Lb. Rear Axles, 20000 lbs Lb.Front Axles, Spring, Steel, Fenders, Honda GX390 Engine, 3" Pump, 3" Ports, Ports On Both Sides, Inside TankIs Coated With At Least 2 Coats Of Epoxy Paint, Trailer Held Water And Fertilizer $10,000 obo - Make me an...

cattle guards

20' long deck. 23' total between fence posts. Fence posts are 4'6" tall. Deck is built with 2 7/8 oilfield pipe. The base is built with 5 1/2 inch oilfield pipe. Can also build 15' or 24' cattle guards as well. Call 785-346-2561 or 785-346-6063 thank you for looking. 15 cattle guard- $1170.0024 cattle guard- $1870.00
20' long, 4' wide, 2' tall 2 3/8 oilfield pipe. 14 gauge sheet metal sides. Call 785-346-6063 or 785-346-2561 Thank you for looking.
24' long 5 1/2' tall 5'base Frame is 2 7/8 oilfield pipe. Middle bars are 1 1/4 x 14 ga round tube. 3' of 1/4" chain and chainhook on the end without the base pipe. Call 785-346-2561 or 785-346-6063 thank you for looking.
6' wide deck. 9' long. 8' 6" total width outside of the fence posts. 2 3/8 oilfield pipe fence posts 4'6" tall on each end. Base is 2x2x3/16 angle iron. Deck is 1 1/4 x 11 ga round tube. Call 785-346-2561 or 785-346-6063 thank you for looking
7 square inside. 7 1/2 square outside. 14 3/4 spacing between bars. 20 sheet metal on sides. Built from 2 3/8 oilfield pipe and 1 1/4 by 11ga round tube and 14 ga sheet metal. Call 785-346-2561 or 785-346-6063 or 785-346-6404. Thank you for looking.
20 very nice black Sim/Angus bred heifers. Outstanding bloodlines on both sides. Rosebrook orgin with Benoit genitics.AI to Connealy Comrade calving 2/1. Clean up bull is a calving ease heifer bull.Very gentle, excellent temperment. Weighed on 10/1 and averaged 1025. Fully expect these girls to be 1100 + at calving time.Have had all shots.Freeze branded. A+++ Framed heifersPictures don't do the...
11 Red Angus Bred Heifers6 Red Angus/Charolais - excellent local home raise cattle5 Red Angus/Sim - True F1. Very FancyHeifers AI to either Trinity or Marksman. Calving Feb 1Weighing 1000+ on 10/1.All shotsFreeze branded. Set of very very nice red heifers. Very hard to find.
18 shank single fold Krause 1080A chisel. Frame measures 17' 8" wide. Good tires. Call 785-564-0413
3 groups 18 strs red/blk solid twice worked banded implants weaned currently 350lbs16-18 strs/hfrs blk/couple char worked banded implants weaned currently 400lbsWill feed for another 60-90 days 15-20 strs/hfrs blk/bwf worked banded currently on cows
For sale two Alliance 15.0/55-17 Implement tires on a 8 bolt rim. They are 16 ply tires and one has a little gash on the side it didnt leak but I had a tube put in it to be safe. The center hole is 6 inches across and every other bolt hole is 5 3/4 on center. They are like new with the little tabs on them. They work good for the front tires of a tractor. $300 for both.

GMC Truck

1968 GMC Truck. "Cleaning up the farm" Have not used the truck for 8-10 years. Ran when it was parked. Wood box and floor in rough condition. The truck has a good title. $750. Call Gerelyn @ 785-346-5617 hm or 785-346-6655 cell

Hay Rake

Older hay rake. "Cleaning up the farm" Used this past season. $250. Call Gerelyn @ 785-346-5617 hm or 785-346-6655 cell

Spray Coupe

Spray Coupe 220 Melrose. "Cleaning up the farm" Sprayer worked fine when parked. Manual 60' booms. Engine not running smoothly when last started a year ago. Haven't used the sprayer for 4-5 years. Always winterized each season. $2,100.00 Call Gerelyn @ 785-346-5617 hm or 785-346-6655.
6 Row White Planter. "Cleaning up the farm" I replaced this planter with an 8 row. Worked ok. $650.00 Call Gerelyn 785-346-5617 hm or 785-346-6655 cell.
955 IHC 8-Row Planter. $2,800.00. I do have extra drums for the planter. "Cleaning up the farm" Call Gerelyn @ 785-346-5617 hm or 785-346-6655
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